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Karen Bpwa-ga-nyaw Karens see themselves as a people who love a quiet, simple, independent life. They don't like to hassle with other groups. Karens are not ambitious, they are tranquil. For the most part, Karens like to live in large, isolated communities, not very near other tribes. Currently, changes are starting to happen in Karen communities as Karens are becoming more concerned with wealth and development.
Hmong Kae Maew In some places (Chiang Mai, for example) Karens and Hmongs live close to each other and will work together, but some Karen communities are completely unfamiliar with Hmongs.
Mien Kae Yao Karens have had good relationships with Miens for a long time as they have had a history of trade together. That relationship continues to today.
Lahu Mussur Karens have always thought of Lahus as good people, a feeling that persists today.
Lisu Kae Lisaw In many areas Karens do not live near Lisus, thus Karens generally do not have a set opinion of Lisus.
Akha E-Gaw As of Lahus, Karens have always thought of Akhas as good people.
Thai Jaw Dtae Karens have always found Thais to be good people and agreeable partners in trade. That feeling persists today.

Karen Yang In the past, Hmongs viewed Karens as a group without ability, just like the Akha. They didn't know how to find food for themselves. But today, that opinion has long since changed.
Hmong Hmong Hmongs think of themselves as a minority of hard-working, patient, intelligent people. Hmongs see themselves as second to no-one.
Mien Ju Hmongs have never had a bias against Miens, because Hmongs and Miens come from the same ethnolinguistic background in China. Even though the Hmong and Mien languages are not the same, Hmongs and Miens have lived together peacefully for generations.
Lahu Lu-he In the past, Hmongs have had little interaction with Lahus, so they do not have much of an opinion either way. More recently Hmongs and Lahus have had greater interaction through trade.
Lisu Li-xu In the past, Hmongs did not like Lisus much, because the experience of Hmongs was greater than that of Lisus, but presently that feeling has started to change as society has changed to force greater interaction with the outside world.
Akha Khua In the past, Hmongs viewed Akhas as a group that had no ability in fending for itself and a group that didn't really know how to do anything. Thus, Akhas were not equal to Hmongs. Currently, that perception has changed.
Thai Mang Glao In the past, Hmongs did not like Thais very much, because they saw that Thais took advantage of and exploited Hmongs, and that Thais were "black-hearted". Today that feeling is starting to change.

Karen Jan Yang In that they migrated from different directions and Miens don't generally try to involve themselves with other groups, Miens exposure Karens has never been much. Some groups never encountered Karens at all. Today, Miens and Karens are in greater contact and get along well.
Hmong Jan Bpamieow In general, Miens have no problems with Hmongs, because each tribe allows the other tribe to live in peace. There are differences though, one being views over public health and sanitation.
Mien Mien Miens view themselves as a group that enjoy peacefulness and has an aptitude at commerce. Miens hate receiving insulting opinions from other groups.
Lahu Jan La-he In the past, most Mien groups hardly knew of Lahus, and those Mien groups that lived near Lahus rarely had any dealings with them.
Lisu Jan Lisaw Similarities between Miens and Lisus stemming from inherited aspects of Chinese culture and a propensity to engage in commerce has led to feelings of competitiveness between the tribes, even though they do not usually live in the same area. Presently, there is a greater understanding between the tribes.
Akha Jan Akha Miens see themselves as different from Akhas in issues of sanitation and in ceremonies. Miens enjoy peacefulness and quiet, while Akha ceremonies tend to be boisterous.
Thai Jan Gaw Law (Bpaw Law) Historically, Miens have cared very little for Thai people, because they have felt that Thais take advantage of them. Perhaps this was because Thais did not have enough exposure to access "Mienness". Language might have also played a role, specifically that Miens used the word "Jan Tai" to refer to police officers, a word that can also be used to refer to all Thai people. Presently, Miens have among the most contact with Thais in an official or government capacity. This has led to greater understanding and an improved ability for Miens to speak Thai.

Karen Ya Lae Lahus have always gotten along well with Karens.
Hmong Keh Mieow Historically, Lahus had very little interaction with Hmongs, so had very little opinion about them. Presently, however, Lahus have greater dealings with Hmongs, dealings that have led many Lahus to feel that Hmongs inter-personal skills are sub-par.
Mien Keh Yao Though the feeling is slowly diminishing, Lahus have always thought of Miens as a group that very much takes advantage of them.
Lahu Lahu Lahus view themselves as a group of people whose every action is motivated by a desire for blessing by their god, G'ui Sha. Lahus believe that G'ui Sha sees everything that they do and watches over them always.
Lisu Lisaw Because Lahus and Lisus have a shared history, Lahus feel closer to and more protective of Lisus than with other tribes.
Akha Dtaw Gaw Akhas are the group with which Lahus have had the greatest interaction over the generations. They have migrated down from Yunnan through Myanmar (Burma) side-by-side with the Akhas and, therefore, view them as brothers.
Thai Gaw Ler In the past, Lahus viewed Thais as good people because they were agreeable trading partners. More recently, however, Lahus have grown distrustful of Thais and view them as exploitive, especially in issues of land rights and ownership.

Karen Ya-geu-leu Lisus have always gotten along with Karens because they have never tried to take advantage of each other.
Hmong Mia Tseu In the past, Lisus could not get along with Hmongs at all, because they viewed Hmongs as selfish and always taking advantage, but today that feeling has faded.
Mien Ya Jaw Much like their feelings for the Hmong, Lisus have viewed Miens as smart and tricky. Today, that feeling has faded considerably. [Asa's oldest sister is married to a Mien.]
Lahu Lakheu Lisus have always been able to live with Lahus because many aspects of their style of dress and culture are very similar, especially their New Year's ceremonies.
Lisu Lisu Lisus feel that they are just normal people, no more special than anyone else.
Akha Akha Though Lisus and Akhas have not had as much interaction, Lisus feel comfortable with Akhas much as they do with Lahus. Indeed, Lisu, Lahu, and Akha are all related languages.
Thai Bee-yi In the past, Lisus felt as though Thais were exploitive and often took advantage. Currently, as Lisus have greater exposure to Thais, that feeling is beginning to change.

Karen Ya-lae From past to present, Akhas have usually lived near Karens and always felt that Karens are people with good people skills.
Hmong Chae Mieow In the past, the Akhas (in Burma and Thailand) had no trade and little interaction with the Hmong (from Laos), so did not know much about Hmongs. Today, changes in society are causing all groups to have increased interaction and interdependence.
Mien Chae Yao Akhas never had a close relationship with Miens because they have always viewed Miens as smarter and with more trade experience than themselves. Today, however, as Akha and Mien villages are often forced together, they have built good relationships.
Lahu Mawsur Akhas view Lahus as relatives and have had more interaction and trade with Lahus than any other tribe. As a result, most Akhas can speak Lahu.
Lisu Lisaw Despite being from the same language family, Akhas have not had the interaction with Lisus that they have had with Lahus. Today, however, Akhas have developed close relationships with Lisus.
Akha Akha Akhas view themselves as a tribe that can interact well with other tribes. They view themselves as not a danger to anyone, because they are honest. They feel they are not skilled at sales and trade . Akhas like a traquil life where they can hear the sounds of the forest and the mountains.
Thai Gaw-ler A long history of trade has formed the Akha opinion of Thais as good people. Akhas admit that Thais are savvy, honest and have an incredible unity.

Karen Garieng ...but really how many Thais are going to know ethnic minorities well enough to be able to call them by the right names? In general, Thais just call all hilltribes by the name Maew, even thougheach group has its own distinct name and culture. But, in the same way, ethnic minorities lump all Thais under the term Kon Meuang (the name Northen Thais give to themselves), even though there are many distinct sub-groups such as the Thai Lue and the Shan.
Hmong Maew
Mien Yao
Lahu Mussur
Lisu Lisaw
Akha E-gor
Thai Thai
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Comment  :  The simplistic view is on the part of the Thais, I think. If you can find me a Thai who can distinguish between an Akha and Hmong, then I will buy you a new hat.
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Comment  :  please add information on where they live
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Comment  :  wow. thank you for this information. i didn't know that we called each other different names. thank you
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Name Post  : Nicha
Comment  : I am Akha . Now I am studying in University. I am not understand , why Thai people don' t like we? We are lovely and nice . Thanks for someone like we.
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Comment  : Thanks for sharing. It's rellay interesting to read about the cultures of other peoples. I guess that chewing betel nut is part of their culture as well, though I'd like to know if they experience other oral health problems from this, aside from teeth and gum discoloration.
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