Easter day

Easter day is important for the Karen people who are Christians. It is the day God is reborn, usually falling on the 21st of March every year. The Karen people believe that Jesus allowed the Roman soldiers from Israel to nail him to the crucifix as purgation for the humans in the world. After he died, people moved his body to a tunnel. Jesus was reborn on Sunday, 3 days after he died.† †

At that time, two girls, Mary and Salome from Mugdala, were with Jesusí body in the tunnel. Both of them are disciples of Jesus. Both of them woke up early in the morning and rubbed therapy oil into his body, to prevent his body from decomposing. So on Easter day, the Karen wake up early in the morning and go to the graveyard. They prepare flowers as reverence for their ancestorsí dead bodies. When everyone is ready the religious leader leads the religious ceremony.

Find the Egg activity
     Usually children like this activity and all the people try to find the egg hidden in the graveyard. This activity is enjoyable and has a moral also. The story behind this activity starts with a person who had a thousand sheep. One day he lost one sheep that was unruly but he really loved it. He went to find his sheep and was very happy to find it. Finding the egg is like finding the sheep. This is the history of the Karen Christian people and it is passed down from one generation to the other generation. It is also in the bible for the new generations to study and practice.
     The Karen practice finding the eggs since around a hundred years ago and they hope the tradition will pass down from generation to generation till the end of the human chain.